Security Operations Centre

Security Operations Center


Today's IT teams, with new applications and mounting data volumes, require modern infrastructure that can improve performance, simplify management, and handle new workloads. To protect their digital assets, they should also build robust cybersecurity infrastructure. Our extensive Cyber and Cloud portfolio offers you a wide range of technologies to build a strong, secure, and robust IT infrastructure.

Security Operations Center

The Security Operations Center selects, operates, and maintains a company's cybersecurity technologies, and continually analyzes threat data to maintain an organization's security posture. Organizations should operate or outsource a security operations center (SOC) because it unifies and coordinates their security tools, practices, and responses. The Security Operations Center (SOC) correlates every event that occurs within the organization. LionHeart Computer Systems provide network discovery and vulnerability assessment systems, penetration testing tools, intrusion detection and prevention systems, log management systems, network behavior analysis, and more to help your SOC engineers.

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